SGA’s Election Night Watch Party At Xavier

2020 has been anything but a year of the norm. With the coronavirus pandemic still looming over the United States and the racial tension here in the states being as high as it has been since the Civil Rights Movement, Xavierites still made it a necessity to prepare for the crucial election. Xavier students and officials prioritize their right to vote, putting an emphasis on the importance of voting in this year’s election and voting all year round. On Tuesday, November 3rd the Student Government Association held an election night watch party for all students where dinner, drinks, and snacks were provided. The event saw students from all classes from new freshmen to this year’s graduating seniors. President Verret and Vice President of Student Affairs, Curtis Wright stopped in to give Xavierites hope regardless of the outcome of the election. Xavier’s SGA President Emmanuel Ukot spoke positive remarks as well. “The goal tonight was to show students that it doesn’t just stop with the ballot box or with voting. You have to see it through. Being here tonight, watching the votes come in live shows us how our voice is being utilized on a national platform, on a state platform, and a local platform for our city elections. For us it is really great to see how something as simple as quietly going to the polls and making a decision can translate into something that can affect not only our lives but many over the next two to four years,” said Ukot. Junior and Xavier Activities Board’s Bikhari Reyes who helped with the event spoke on what he’d like to see going forward from Xavierites. “Going forward I want to continue to see that involvement stay up. Not just with presidential elections. We definitely need to make sure we are staying engaged with every election. If we can bring the same energy we bring to these every four-year elections for president and what not and take that same energy and we bring it to the other elections for our senate and what really matters those midterm elections. That would be a beautiful thing. It would really allow the Xavier community to do their part to make that impact and bring us to a more just and humane society like our mission says we’re supposed to,” suggested Reyes. Saturday, November 7th it was announced that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be the 46th President and Vice President-elect of the United States. Not only did Xavierites make history by voting in this crucial election but witnessed it as Kamala Harris became the first black woman and HBCU graduate to hold the position of Vice President of the United States. 

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