Top 5 Black Horrors that are a MUST for the Upcoming Sinister Season

by Bailey Whitley, Staff Writer

Horror Movies. This violent genre of film is known to induce fear into the hearts of its watchers, yet some relish in the idea of coming back for more. No one really understands why thought. It may be the adrenaline running through their veins of not knowing what may come next. It may be just plain insanity. However, there is one thing that black people know for sure will always remain the same- the token black character will never make it to the end. Whether they die first or second, the storyline will always fit their unjust death within that 1-2-hour duration you sit eating your popcorn, staring mindlessly at a screen.

Nonetheless, some movies have broken away and crushed that narrative. These movies have made a name for themselves and are here to stay. Here are the top 5 black horror movies you need to watch to prepare for the upcoming sinister season. Grab your blankets, some snacks, and get ready to be spooked

1: Get Out (2017)

Get Out (2017) - IMDb
Get Out (2017) – IMDb

At some point in a relationship, the partners meet their lover’s parents for the first time. That is the case for the young, interracial couple Chris and Rose. However, things may not be all peaches and cream like they seem when Chris starts to pick up on Rose’s family’s awkward yet overly accommodating behavior. As the weekend goes on and on, Chris begins to unlock some frightening discoveries that make him worry about the people he has been sharing a house with. It is up to Chris to get out before the family’s secrets unravel in a way he had never envisioned.

Next time you decide to meet the family of your girlfriend or boyfriend, make sure you really know the person you’ve been dating. Do they love you? Or is there more happening behind the scenes that you’re unaware of? This movie will have you questioning every interracial relationship you’ve had or ever will have from this point going forward. The set of events that unfold within the film could happen to anyone in today’s world, and that’s what makes it even more frightening. 

2: Queen of the Damned (2002)

Queen of the Damned Review | Movie - Empire
Queen of the Damned

After waking from his half-decade slumber, legendary vampire Lestat gains a passion for the weird yet beautiful music of the new age – rock. His love soon turns into an obsession as he recruits and turns a few humans into vampires to join his band of rock stars. His now world-renowned rock group captures the attention of mystified humans and that of Akasha, the queen of all vampires. She wants Lestat to become her king, and there’s nothing that can stop her plan for world domination. Vampires everywhere must join forces to defeat her if they want any chance at survival. 

Beautiful people, to die for costumes, and vampires, what more could you ask for? The sexual tension between the hot leads, Lestat and Akasha, was off the charts in every scene they had together (or just them by themselves, to be honest). To save yourself 2 hours of awkwardness, try your best to not watch it around your parents. The film may have gotten low reviews initially for its “camp-ish” style, but it has developed quite a cult-like following over the years. Many are enamored with the movie because of its cheesy 2000s vibe and the ever-so-present eye candy at every corner. If you have a love for anything with vampires, watch this weird comfort movie to connect with your inner freaky side. 

3: Candyman (1992)

Rent Candyman (1992) on DVD and Blu-ray - DVD Netflix
Rent Candyman (1992) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix

Graduate student Helen and her best friend Anne-Marie are writing a thesis on various superstitions. While researching, both women learn of an urban legend named Candyman based in a housing project in North Chicago’s Cabrini-Green Homes. After interviews with some of the residents, Helen believes that this legend may not be a legend after all. Her fear turns to reality when Candyman himself develops an infatuation with her, killing everything in his wake to obtain her love. Helen must decide to save herself or others in order to vanquish this evil spirit once and for all.

In celebration of the Candyman revival that came out this year, you already know we had to pay homage to the classic in this list. Don’t visit your restroom at night and let you know who’s name slip past your lips 5 times, or there might be some consequences. This is the perfect movie in preparation for good ole hallows eve because it’s short, straight to the point, and a terrifyingly beautiful masterpiece. This movie is so great because it doesn’t rely on overused jump scares and awful squirting blood effects, unlike most in its genre. The creepy vibes are just enough to leave you paralyzed in fear under your covers. There is a reason they decided to make a 2nd version of this movie, and it’s not just because they felt like it.

4: Us (2018)

Us (2019) - IMDb
Us (2019) – IMDb

The Wilson family is in dire need of a family vacation, so they decide to pack up and go to the ever so beautiful Santa Cruz. However, a weird feeling starts to creep up in Adelaide’s mind when she is reminded of the traumatic experiences she went through as a child at their beachfront vacation home. The night of their arrival, 4 masked strangers break into their home and attack them. Once these intruders take off their masks, the Wilson family realizes that they have a couple of distorted doppelgangers in their wake. Their fight for survival leaves them with more questions than ever when they learn the truth of what these people really want from them.

You are in for a treat with this one. Jordan Peele comes back with another banger after his movie Get Out and its immense success internationally. Initially, you may think you know where this film is going, but you will be proven wrong as the plot unfolds. Lupita Nyong’o does a magnificent job playing Adelaide and her evil counterpart Red in a way that makes you ask: “are you sure this is the same person?” The soundtrack is a major bonus as well! Taking influences from classical and hip-hop styles, the chic yet haunting aura will leave you bopping your head to the beat of people being viciously murdered.

5: Meet the Blacks (2016)

Watch The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2 | Prime Video
Watch The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2 | Prime Video

After stealing a substantial amount of money from a local drug lord in Chicago, Carl Black decides to seek a better life for his family by moving to Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, things don’t seem to go well for the Black family when they soon find out they have moved into their new neighborhood right before the upcoming purge. If they want to see the light of day ever again, Carl and his family must defend their home for the next 12 hours, where all crime is legal.

Ever seen any of the Purge movies? Well, Meet the Blacks is the perfect spoof of that crazy franchise. Not everyone wants to be scared 24/7 during the Halloween season, so this is an excellent alternative. Mike Epps never disappoints in any of his films, and you can expect nothing less from this one. Watching this will allow you to experience a bit of laughter while still obtaining the eerie aura that the holiday is well known for. We love being scared to death and laughing to the point of peeing our pants in this house.

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