by Daylan Paige | Staff Writer

What does this season look like for you? 

The season looks like one last time to play with my brothers who I’ve created a bond. One more chance to make history and win a national championship, while pursuing my PRO basketball career.

What do you think is the best trait your team has?

The best trait of my game is my leadership no matter if shots are falling or not I can always be a positive leader to the younger guys on the team, and I believe that makes me a great person as well as a player.

What is your jersey number and what is the significance of it? 

My jersey number is 2, it represents my son, Kylan Ja’mir Richard he was born 02/20/20. Also, I am the second-born child of my mother. 

What position do you play? 

I am a combo guard I can play the 1-3 

Are you ready for the homecoming game? 

I am beyond ready for the homecoming game! This is the first time I will be able to play in it, I know the atmosphere is going to be electric.

What song issue hyped up for the game and gets you going? 

My go-to song before every game is “Stack up” by CED2FED ft. Nell Savage & Lil Bread. Or “Angels” by BST5IVE.

Rate the student section 1-10 & why? 

I would rate the student section a 6, simply because I feel like they could be more into the game !! they are our 6th man. The energy they bring is usually how the game plays out. Although they do a tremendous job I feel like we can improve on our trash talk to the other team. Our convocation may be the biggest in the NAIA we have to make teams experience misery when they walk through those glass doors until the time they leave. 

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