XAB aims to get students more involved on campus 

By Jasmine Christopher

Xavier Activities Board, XAB, hosts an event almost every week to get students involved with their community and make Xavier University of Louisiana a fun and comfortable place for students. 

They have many different things planned for this year, each event correlating with whichever theme is fitting from month to month, such as their upcoming Movie Night, a screening of Batman. 

Xavier students show their support for XAB

“We’re just trying to figure out different ways to combine ourselves with other organizations to keep that school spirit alive,” said Dee Nichols, president of XAB. 

As Xavier Activities Board is one of the ‘Big 5’ along with Peer Dean Association, Mobilization at Xavier, Pharmacy Student Association, and Student Government Association, they have the platform necessary to promote the Association of Student-Athletes as its own entity. 

They teamed up with the Association of Student-Athletes to host a Black History-themed game of Family Feud. Nichols says that the event being held during Black History Month is more of a coincidence than an intentional plan. His goal is not necessarily for students to learn Black history but to “get people out of their room.” 

Xavier students playing a round of Family Feud

The ASA is a fairly new organization and doesn’t have as much visibility in comparison to the ‘Big 5’ on campus. 

“The goal of all our events this year is to get ASA out there and give grounds for it as a student organization,” said Zoe Cordova, Social Media Chair of ASA. Winners at the Family Feud-themed game night received prizes from XAB and bragging rights among their peers. 

“I was able to learn more and share the knowledge I already had,” said Bre’Anna Stephens, a participant in the game night. 

Stephens and her friends came to the event not only to have a good time but learn more about Black History. Stephens says her friends “dragged” her out of her dorm, but it ended up being worthwhile in the end.

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