Late Lunar New Year Celebration with XULAVA

By Jasmine Christopher

Xavier University of Louisiana Vietnamese Association hosted Xaigon Night, a celebration of Vietnamese culture, and a late Lunar New Year celebration during the spring semester.

The event started with milk tea and Thai tea boba and an assortment of Vietnamese foods for the event attendees to enjoy, followed by a performance by the Rising Dragon Lion Dance Team.
Their performance had the crowd shouting and clapping in amazement.

“Our initial expectation was 50 people, but then over 50 people RSVP’d, and we’re like, oh ok, we’re back popping again,” said XULAVA President Anh Thu Truong. “This is our first time hosting it in about three years, and our pre-COVID events used to host 100-300 people.”

Students line up for some traditional Vietnamese snacks

Members of the XULAVA E-Board had to work through Spring Break to get this event together, and the
outcome was much better than they had expected. Volunteers and attendees alike were very impressed with the turnout.

Students got to play traditional Vietnamese betting games such as Hoo Hey How, at which they could receive tickets for a raffle at the end of the event.

“One of XULAVA’s main missions has been to spread culture, diversity, and awareness,” said Mary Vu,
event attendee and 2018-2020 XULAVA E-board member. “I think the best way to do it is within an
HBCU where there are so many different minorities, and we can all share each other’s culture, food,
music, and more,” Vu added.

While the event went on, students could also take advantage of the fun photo booth set up in the back
of the room and create a little keepsake of this event.

Many Non-Vietnamese students in attendance wanted to support their classmates and learn a little
more about this community and their presence on campus.

An assortment of food was provided for students to try

The event ended shortly after a performance by Xavier’s very own Michael Jackson impersonator, John
Chapman. The crowd was thrilled by his performance. The XULAVA E-board members are incredibly
grateful for those we came out to support and those who volunteered. They are already working on
their next event.

“I just wanted to support XULAVA; I heard about them at the SGA Forum, so I decided to come out and
see them,” said Tamia Pierson, a Non-Vietnamese attendee. “The thing I’ve enjoyed the most so far is the lion dancers. That was the best,” said Pierson.

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