Musicians, Artists find their Voice during challenging times

By Irvin Washington

Within the last two years, we have seen the dynamics of the world change before our eyes. From the
introduction of COVID-19 to the current war between Russia and Ukraine, these are just a few of the
many things that are changing the world as we know it. Some of the greatest works of art, from music to painting, have been created through times of great strife.

“My focus is usually on my fans…I make this music not only for me but for them,” said U’Ronnie Banks
in regards to what drives him in this day and age when it comes to his musical craft.

U’Ronnie Banks, also known as Roe, is an independent artist from the New Orleans area and currently
pursuing a degree in Biology Pre-Pharmacy at the Xavier University of Louisiana. He makes music on the side and is pursuing his goal of becoming a physician’s assistant.

“I am a perfectionist, so usually I try to put my best foot forward,” Banks said. He feels that the current
environment can pressure artists to release music. He said artists should make music for themselves and not try and go viral to be caught up with social trends.

“You can use the things that are going on in the world to timestamp your music,” said Ahmir Saleem,
who is a Music major studying classical music at XULA.

He feels that music can act as a visual lens in terms of what events were happening during that time.

“I don’t put anything out unless it best portrays the message I’m trying to convey,” Saleem said.
He felt that it was important for him to take his time when making and releasing music because even after he moves on, the music he creates will reflect how he felt about certain topics during that period.

“I try and deal with it the best I can,” said Chuckee, an independent artist and audio engineer.
Chuckee has been creating music from the comfort of his home, which has become even more
convenient for him due to the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is our job as artists to let people know it’s going to be ok,” he said, “It’s up to us to speak on things,
however, we feel about them as people.”

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