XULA Softball Team powers through first season despite Covid regulations

By Endya Gillard

In March 2020, Xavier University of Louisiana announced they were launching a Softball
Program starting in the Fall of 2020. The team’s first opening day was against Texas University-
Texarkana and they did not look like a first-year program.

Despite taking the Covid test twice a week, transfer Junior Mecolett Bradley is the team’s first
baseman and she did not let Covid affect her.

“When I am on the field, it doesn’t even feel like covid is a thing until we go back to the dugout and put our mask on,” Bradley said.

Last season the team ran into problems with canceling games due to positive tests on their
opponents’ teams. They had to reschedule eight games due to Covid 19. This issue caused the
head coach, Leslie Ballard, to search for teams to play in the middle of a pandemic.

The Xavier Softball team is still getting acclimated to their new teammates and establishing
their own culture. In February of last year, the team was 2-7 and competed against Nationally
Ranked William Carey, resulting in a loss.

“The hardest thing is that we are not 100% sure of everyone’s tendencies,” said Destyn Jones, a
junior transfer on the team. “At my old school, if a girl made an error, we would cheer her up so
she won’t get in her head, but a different girl we may leave her alone if she makes an error,” Jones added.

The XULA softball team still has some things to get used to, but Destyn said her favorite thing
about playing on this team is that she and her teammates make history every day.

The Xavier University Softball team concluded their inaugural year 8-13.

“This was just a warmup,” said Ali Curlin, a freshman outfielder on the team.

The 2022 Xavier Softball team is currently 7-14 and 3-1 in the conference, and they are seeking
a first-place conference title.

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