Election Results Night kicks off this years’ student government

By Madison Grant

The Student Government Association election board hosted the 2022 results night on Sept. 21, in the University Center Ballroom. Students on Xavier’s campus attended to learn of their new student government representatives for the Freshman class and Pharmacy Student Association P1 government. The event introduced the election board, announced the results of the election and next steps within the election. For the freshman class this was their first event related to student government at Xavier University of Louisiana.

This event is held every year to commence the start of the elections that students will see take place for their next four years at Xavier. After weeks of campaigning it allows first year students to see the results of their fellow classmates’ election.

“I really liked the first election, it took place in a really big way like the debates or tonight that allowed the student body to see the campaigning process. I love how they involved the student body,” said Kyla Coleman, who is a freshman voter.

The freshman class showed up in huge numbers to hear the results and support their student government. The room was filled with cheering on candidates, comradery amongst opponents and students learned who the newest leaders of the Class of 2026 and P1 would be.

The P1 winners were announced first and students saw the newest P1 government. The P1 Class President is Alisha Spain, P1 Vice President Janyah McCree, Treasurer Jennah Folse, Secretary Brooklyn Ingraham, Mister P1 Bryan Shaw and Miss P1 Jade Martin.

The winners of the College of Pharmacy P1 class at election results night Photo Credits to Omaria Ackerson

The freshman class election will continue due to numerous run offs but students did learn the results. The Freshman class President is James Lovejoy II, Vice President Laila-Ashara Dumetz, Secretary Tesiya McClary, and Senator Karden Way.

“The freshman class can look forward to lots of events,” said James Lovejoy II, the newly-elected freshman class president. “I want to have events that are fun but also events to enhance our minds. I also want to have sit down events that make the freshman class feel like a family. Each freshman has a special part to play at Xavier and I want us to be ready together,” Lovejoy said.

The treasurer position remains open and the second senator position ended in a runoff between Khari Muhammad and Keziah-Yvonne Smith. The positions of Mister and Miss Freshman will take another vote. Miss Freshman is a runoff between Embre Martin and Zoo Murphy-Elwood and Mister Freshman is a runoff between Devin Palmer and Warren Stevens. The final election for the freshman class positions will take place Monday Sept. 26, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. via X-Connect. Students have a chance to participate in election season next Spring for all classes.

“Students can look forward to amplifying XU,” said Olivia Broussard, Xavier’s election director. “What that means is moving forward and progressing. Munachimso Ugoh, [The SGA President] has a lot of great ideas, Adrian [A. Thornton II, SGA Vice President] has a lot of great ideas for the Senate. I think you’re going to see a lot of change and progression and I’m really proud of us for that,” Broussard said.

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