Trivia Night fun puts Xavierites knowledge to the test

By Liza Montgomery

The Xavier Activities Board collaborated with ThinkFast, on Thursday, Sept. 8, 2022 to host a trivia game night. Participants gathered on the second floor of the University Center to compete for a $200 cash prize.

Students’ knowledge was put to the test in a series of trivia game rounds with questions from an array of categories ranging from history to geography, to sports to music, and everything in between.

Jayden Crump, a Xavier Activities Board member, wanted to bring something new to campus and wanted to give students at Trivia Night the opportunity to participate and engage in a fun, interactive activity.

Students play a speed round of trivia for the final four seats in the championship

“We don’t typically host trivia activities so this is a new experience for them, so I hope students have a great time tonight, learn something new, and hopefully have the chance to win some money,” Crump said.

Johnny ‘C’, a ThinkFast host, came to Xavier’s campus to represent TjohnE, an interactive game company that tours a variety of college campuses, to “bring a fast-paced, high energy pop-culture based game show for everyone to enjoy,” Johnny said.

ThinkFast reaches a wide audience throughout the year and produces more than 800 shows per year. Johnny C refers to ThinkFast as “the best kept secret in entertainment.”

From start to finish, the game kept students on their toes and maintained the enthusiastic energy of the crowd as they battled head-to-head in multiple rounds of this fast-paced quiz game.

For Kimani Davis, a junior baseball player, he left ThinkFast trivia night with an unexpected underdog win and some extra cash in his pockets.

ThinkFast host, Johnny C, celebrates cash prize win with Xavier contestant, Kimani Davis.

“I was in tenth place the whole time and as soon as I had the chance, I decided to risk it all, so I bet 35,000 points on the last bonus question to put me in second place,” Davis said. He then competed against the top four other contestants for first place in a speed round. His quick thinking and knack for trivia ultimately led him to victory.

“I am very happy right now and I am probably going to get some new baseball equipment with the prize money,” said Davis, after his triumphant win.

ThinkFast trivia night, hosted by the Xavier Activities Board, was an excellent addition to this semester’s series of events, attendees said. Students were engaged and had a great time. Winner Kimani Davis shocked everyone and swept the game from under everyone’s feet, as the old saying goes no risk, no reward.

“The game was hard, I had fun, and I am happy I was lucky enough to pull it off,” Davis said.

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