Grammy U event teams up with Loyola to spotlight local talent

By Ashton Broden

There is no better way to binge watch the 64th Grammy Awards, than to watch it amongst the future of music industry. Loyola University-New Orleans’ Howl Entertainment student organization in partnership with Grammy U, a program that touches on all facets of the industry, including the business, technology, and the creative process, hosted a Grammy watch party Feb. 5, 2023 that welcomed local upcoming artists, producers, and students with an interest in the music industry to watch history unfold.

Students who attended the event were deeply engaged as celebrity icons Beyoncé, Lizzo, Viola Davis, Harry Styles, and many other stars appeared on screen in celebration of the top moments in the music industry.

“We live in the city with such a rich musical culture. We felt like we weren’t tapping into it at all,” said Margaret Branson, one of the co-founders of Howl Entertainment.

Margaret Branson and Grammy U representative at the Grammy Watch Party Event

She explained that the not only the city’s culture itself, but the surrounding campuses has so much artistry and talent that there must be ways to nurture it and connect everyone together.

“Nobody is doing anything. We have to start doing something on campus,” said Branson.

Together, Branson and her colleagues on Loyola’s campus created Howl Entertainment, a student organization that promotes student artistry and students interested in music industry. The goal of the organization is to internally get different departments of the school to engage more to help each other grow and perfect their crafts.

In collaboration with well-known industry figures, Loyola’s alumni, and current students, Howl Entertainment has put on a Tiny Den event and a Hip-Hop Hangout and hopes to coordinate many other opportunities for artists to be in the spotlight while performing. Branson believes, in a city with so much potential, she didn’t want to waste talent when opportunities could be created.

In collaboration with Howl Entertainment, Grammy U, managed nationally by Jessie Allen, “provides aspiring professionals with the tools and opportunities necessary to start a career in music,” according to the organization’s site.

Ballots students completed before entering the Grammy Watch Party Event

Students who are members get an exclusive inside on the professional side of artistry so they can become the next generation music. Performers, songwriters, producers, engineers, instrumentalists, and other creators are all welcomed to join to become a part of this exclusive experience.

In honor of the Grammys, Grammy U sponsored watch party events across the nation at local universities with an invitation that read, “Be a part of Music’s Biggest Night and celebrate music with us.” At this event students not only got the chance to watch the biggest night in history, but they also shared this event amongst what could be the future generation of music.

“I think it’s amazing to connect with different students in the city and collaborate. These opportunities are something everyone should take advantage of,” said a Loyola student who attended the event.

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